The schedule for Sunday, March 10th, 2019:

Super Mario Maker
Puzzle Levels Sean Hip or
1:077:01 pm-8:09 pm
  • Fail picked out four puzzle levels, only hopes to get through two.

  • Died to a stationary muncher nowhere near the rest of the puzzle.

  • Creator didn't want Fail to have any powerups. Fail capitulates immediately.

  • May have cheesed the puzzle because he's not good enough to beat it normally.

  • "And if I'm right then what you're supposed to do..." presses P-Switch " not that."

  • "The real way is harder than the cheese." Yes. That's what makes it cheese.

  • Fail promised us Moonlit Musical Mansion would give us a song. It did not.

  • Fail promised to make FF3 2.0 in SMM2.

  • Failing the tutorial. Par for the course.

  • Discovered that violence isn't always the answer.

  • Hopping on moon: "I don't see a moon anywhere."

  • "What can you do with an extra spring? I think... maybe we're supposed to get higher."

  • "Puzzle master right here. I am the. puzzle. king." Got through half of the levels scheduled.

1:018:21 pm-9:22 pm
  • Can't tell the difference between teal and cyan.

  • Today is mostly failsBlind

  • Antichamber is a Tardis.

  • Successfully recognized an analogue clock.

  • Fail lost his companion cube.

Legend of Grimrock
1:059:22 pm-10:28 pm
  • Too "busy" to customize his party.

  • Finds clothing. Lacks the decency to give the clothes to the woman.

  • Doesn't know any spells. Complains when his random spell combinations fizzle.

  • Thinks that "sandals" should give more than 1 protection. They're literally straps of leather.

  • "To gain access, look carefully for small details and use your wits." This game clearly doesn't know who is playing it.

  • Doesn't even attempt to open door.

  • Somehow mistook Mork the Minotaur for Yennica Whitefeather the human female.

  • "The -5 evasion isn't worth it so he's not going to wear it. And Yennica isn't going to wear it because she's a nudist."

  • Received a not at all suspicious "birthday" cupcake from failsBro. Totally ate weed on stream.

1:0010:28 pm-11:28 pm
  • Note said to meet Geezer at top of village because "Today is special day". Fail took longer than a day to get there.

  • With the help of cube aliens, Fail discovered the demonic dimension, creating the demon square.

  • Discovered fall damage.

  • Discovered fall damage again.

  • Discovered the bottom of the screen.

  • Spurns helpful advice from Navi 2.0.

  • Discovered "some sort of important... door... place!"

  • Mixed up "1-dimensional" with "2-dimensional".

  • Discovered carrying things. It didn't go well.

  • Continues to explore fall damage.

  • "I can't get up anymore." failsOld

  • Discovered fall damage with crates.

  • Became convinced that "pink water is really bad" without ever trying it.

  • "I'm not worried about black holes." Immediately discovers he should be worried about black holes.

  • Discovers explosion damage.

  • Discovers fall damage with explosion damage.

1 storyline or 1 hour
0:5311:38 pm-12:31 am
  • "Every day is exactly the same as the one before." The definition of despair.

  • Stood on principle and refused to give a bully $2.50. Died for it. Some people's lives are only worth $2.50.

  • Teacher wouldn't keep Fail from being beaten to death because he didn't have an apple.

  • Nugget speaks in third person, for Nugget is Nugget.

  • Fail mistook prison for kindergarten.

  • Fail is running rat%.

  • Poisoned by Nugget.

  • Received antidote.

  • Buggs... died?

  • Cindy stabbed Fail because Nugget killed her dog and Teacher let her believe it was Fail. This takes me back to my kindergarten days.

  • Playing house is a lot more real than I remember it...

  • Laughed at Lily's suicide.

  • And at Nugget's.

  • This game really is guess-and-check prison.

0:5812:31 am-1:30 am
  • Best accent voice acting.

  • No notes for you. @dx_over_dt wants to play this game blind.

Lost Vikings
0:471:30 am-2:17 am
  • Vikings kidnapped by aliens. Tell me more.

  • Real-time turn-based gameplay?

  • So many snails in this Failstravaganza.

  • Makes one mistake. Entire crew commits suicide.

  • Blind jumps. This game was the inspiration for Mario Maker.

  • Found a secret nothing!

  • "You are on private property. Viking must leave!" ... Not really sure that guy knows how vikings operate.

  • Game is so bad, even Fail wanted to quit early.

Quantum Conundrum
1:042:17 am-3:22 am
  • The Calls of the Wild Binomial. I'd read it.

  • Oof. The game is giving me motion sickness. I'll be back for The Witness.

The Witness
4:173:22 am-7:39 am
  • Prepare to be philosophized.

  • Fail picked this puzzle up a lot faster than day[9] did.

  • "So I have to get all the black dots and separate the whites from the blacks." This game teaches segregation.

  • Fail used Screen Shot. Enemy chat's speed fell!

  • Tries for a minute. "There are some problems with this one."

  • "How am I supposed to follow the frickin' electricity line? There's no path!" He says while walking on the path.

  • "Tetris pieces really are just Tetris pieces."

  • Takes lots of screenshots. Just in case.

  • Intuited one of the most hard to grasp rules, seemingly by accident.

  • Fail consistently going for the hardest puzzles without learning the tech first.

  • Rediscovered the beginning of the game.

  • Stone doggo!

  • Finds the two hard-to-find perspectives. Can't find the one staring him in the face.

  • I'm a little bit pissed at how fast Fail is figuring out these puzzles without doing the tutorial areas first. And he doesn't even realize that he's not in the tutorial areas.

  • "Is this the door?" There was no door.

  • @EnderOfGames became sober with power.

  • "Oh I think I found the start." He did not find the start.

  • He went a little over time. Just a tist.

Jackbox Games
0:277:39 am-8:07 am
  • Yoshi (@MyMainManYoshi) defeats Fail again!

  • Fail ragequit his own stream.

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Bonus games (if there is time)
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Stream notes:

  • Despite having only a single multiplayer game, was actually one of the best Failstravaganzas to-date.