The schedule for Sunday, February 24th, 2019:

Super Mario Maker
Troll Level: 56E0-0000-03D1-6E4B
0:418:10 pm-8:52 pm
  • Trolls discovered: 31

  • Inadequate skill deaths: 35

  • "Every time I just jump, I just die"

  • "Hey, I'm trying to git gud. I can only git as gud as my fingers allow though."

  • Takes three attempts to notice the hint.

  • Ender went on mod rampage and timed a lot of people out for NO REASON AT ALL. Good night, Ender!

  • "I thought maybe... maybe there's something in there. Boy was I right!"

  • "I was so comfortable that I thought that I was good!" He was not good.

  • "I didn't hold right good enough, apparently."

  • Avoided a troll!

SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell
2:138:53 pm-11:06 pm
  • Well, Speedrunners from Hell delivered what it promised. Satan as a speedrunner.

  • Fail has a hard time recognizing beer

  • "Dude. This beer is hidden really well."

  • "You move so fast in this game." Yeah. It's called Speedrunners from Hell.

Clone Drone in the Danger Zone
1:2011:06 pm-12:26 am
  • Off to a solid start as Fail dies to first swing.

  • Sadistically made drones run themselves into saws.

  • @aaron31121 gives Fail an ally, and Fail complains that he didn't get an upgrade.

  • Basically gift is an ally.

  • Fail keeps killing @dx_over_dt's allies.

  • 8/10 "enemies" were allies, so Fail was able to struggle out of Silver tier

  • Took a sip of coffee waiting for his ally to take out an enemy. Confirmed: Fail doesn't help friends.

  • Apparently his ally was taking too long, so he shot it in the back.

  • @aaron31121 is no longer allowed to play Clone Drone.

1:1812:26 am-1:45 am
  • @dx_over_dt has been waiting since the very first Failstravaganza for Fail to play this wonderful game.

  • Half the segment was spent getting audio levels right

0:561:53 am-2:49 am
  • Fail not skilled enough to skip the tutorial.

  • Saved in the tutorial

  • You know it's a point-and-click adventure when you have to hatch a plan to catch your toothbrush...

  • "When is the tutorial?"
    "But we just had a tutorial."
    "We had one, yes. What about second tutorial?"

  • Fail can't find a pair of socks despite having 3

  • Fail presses spacebar aka cheater mode.

  • The game has ... cuss words!

  • Fewer footstep noises than footsteps... Conspicuous

  • Threatened a toothbrush with fire

  • More spoilers in chat than during GPW2 Bowser

  • @chrislikespizza had to use the walkthru for the second tutorial. Clearly top-notch game design.

  • "Why would you want to brush your teeth with that thing?" Fail asks the hard-hitting questions.

  • Game characters don't know how to pronounce Elysium...

  • The characters are just mean to each other. Is this an episode of Suits or something?

  • Failed to save the sock.

1:002:49 am-3:50 am
  • Opened the console. Died by rats.

  • Can't tell if he died or not.

  • Wizard needs food, badly.

  • Fail decided he'd rather start with the sequel: Hammers of Herowatch

Eufloria HD
0:453:50 am-4:36 am
  • Spent quite a while watching plants grow

  • Fail's tree is dead. You had ONE JOB.

  • Tutorial was "heavy-ass"

Smash Ultimate
0:474:41 am-5:28 am
  • @dx_over_dt got hecked real bad the first match. All signs point to full moon.

  • Fail was, indeed, rekt by Yoshi.

  • @todesrolle was such a camper that he camped from the sidelines.

Super Amazing Wagon Adventure
0:545:28 am-6:22 am
  • @xmariedetx is a SAWA virgin no more.

  • "Arugh! We don't want faster wagon wheels! Whatever, we'll take it."

  • "Rockpaper says swim. Wharf_rat says... swim." Clicks around.

  • Met a kindly guide. Used him as meat shield.

  • @klinklangs sacrificed @dx_over_dt and @xmariedetx to survive the Civil War unscathed.

  • @klinklangs then stole an airstrike from some friendly campers and killed them with it.

  • @klinklangs was haunted by their ghosts, and ultimately joined them in the afterlife.

  • "Some Doctor you are [DoctaEl]. Can't even treat a small case of buffalo-smashing... " --@eldorel

  • "Hopefully we actually, you know, do good... with the best wagon in the game."
    He did not "do good".

  • Bears take more than one hit from a falcon.

Jackbox Games
Quiplash, maybe more
1:566:22 am-8:18 am
  • Quiplash

    @dx_over_dt snuck into first with Flop it Like it's Hot when Don't Flop Believing was clearly the better "hit song with FLOP in its title"

  • Fail came in 6th in the first game and second in the second. This is improvement!
    It only feels demoralizing.

  • Epic Rap Battles of Failstream

    "Ryukahr would have finished this rap first." --@corn_chex_are_superior

  • And then this happened...

Bonus games (if there is time)
Within a Deep Forest
Wizard of Legend