The schedule for Sunday, February 10th, 2019:

Super Mario Maker
Goseigen Troll Level
1:258:10 pm-9:35 pm
  • After five minutes of pointless debate in chat, Fail finally realized that with gone, we could do both Goseigen's troll level and Blind Easy
    It's not like dx_over_dt suggested this before the debate began

  • Apparently some people are confused as to which is the worst Zelda game. Some people mistakenly believe it was Skyward Sword rather than Zelda II.

  • Conversation about the evolution of Zelda mechanics got too interesting, and Fail stopped paying attention to the level. Went over the scheduled hour.

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
0:589:35 pm-10:34 pm
  • "For those of you who don't know, I'm not terrible at [Zelda II]; I'm actually decent at it." This remains to be seen.

  • "Sir Onion is going to save Zelda now."

  • "I don't need the shield spell." Get hits twice. "I just need a little time to warm up."

  • @8_Bit_Viewer remembered that when someone subs, there's a 5 minute chat-rules suspension. This is a chat first.

  • Guilt-trips failsbro into bringing him a cup of coffee.
    Failsbro too smart for that shit.

  • "Where's a good place to die?"

Super Amazing Wagon Adventure
0:4410:34 pm-11:18 pm
  • @ptw315 suffered severe brain damage and later choked on her own vomit

  • Let a bandit get away simply to avoid shooting an innocent

  • Too many viewers died, so Fail cut the game 16 minutes short

Wizard of Legend
0:5011:25 pm-12:16 am
  • Pretty dang solid game. My snark is failing me.

Super Mario Maker
Blind Easy
0:5112:16 am-1:08 am
  • Skipped first level because he couldn't walk the speed of a goomba

  • @hycutype picked out 8 levels for Fail to play. Vastly overestimated Fail's blind abilities.

  • Decided blind was too hard, and played the levels with sight. Evidently only obeys his own rules when he feels like it.

PaRappa the Rapper
1:001:09 am-2:10 am
  • Fail's missing lore

  • This game offends my sensibilities. I'm gonna go listen to Hamilton.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
FFA and 2v2
1:092:10 am-3:20 am
  • Fail turned invisible!

  • All Jigglypuffs are the same to @SomeRagamuffin, whether they be friend or foe.

  • @TacoPete + @dx_over_dt are unstoppable!

  • Fail committed vehicular homicide.
    RIP @SarahTheRed

  • @Todesrolle made Fail's shit list. He's on notice.

  • "We're having a 3-way right now." --Failstream, 2019

Donkey Kong 64
1:033:20 am-4:23 am
  • Watch the lore!

  • Decided there was too much lore

  • Decided DK didn't make enough noise when lunging, so added his own "hooah" every time.

  • Completely deadpan reading of dialog really adds to the drama

  • "When does the gameplay begin?" Fair question.

  • Fail stingy with his "7/10"s

  • Entered Beaver Brawl where he is to beat K. Rool's goons. Immediately fell out of ring.

  • "Oh this is for the peanut gun?" Tries coconut gun.

  • After 56 minutes declared his undying love for DK 64. He's decided, against all advice, to abandon Fly Me to the Stars and GPW2 in order pursue a career in DK 64 speed running. God have mercy on his soul.

Eat a Vegetable
Chat decides
0:074:23 am-4:30 am
  • Expects chat to trust Fail that he has a "black jalepeño" and that it's not an artifact of his green screen.

  • "I know what hot is."

Clone Drone in the Danger Zone
1:204:30 am-5:50 am
  • Stole all of our hard-won coins at the beginning of the game.

  • @dx_over_dt added a !nocoins command to apply this theft whenever he wants. It definitely does NOT give everyone 10000.

  • Thinks he's good enough to play one-handed. He was not.

  • Inadequate skill. Decides balance is to blame chat for his own shortcomings.

  • Can't beat mobs honorably, so he has them run into saws.

  • Fail complained so much that chat bought him some 40 upgrades.

  • "Todes wants my ass and he got it."

  • Chat's charity propelled Fail into titanium tier.

  • Taken down by lava burn damage

Secret of Mana
1:025:50 am-6:53 am
  • Continuing his war against all video game bunnies, Fail discovered bunnies are powerless against a stunlock. Granted, the bunnies never attacked him.

  • Fail really screwed the pooch but removing the sword protecting the village.

  • Wields the strongest weapon in history; struggles to kill a flower.

  • Spent an extended period shoving NPCs simply because he could.

  • Game won't let a boy wear a hair ribbon. Transphobia runs rampant in Potos Village.

  • The Sword can also become a spear. Confirmed: Mana is Sylphrena from The Stormlight Archive.

  • Found the Magic Rope. Confirmed: Fail is Samwise Gamgee.

  • Fail refused to give a measly 100g to help a child with a 50,000g debt.
    Thankfully the game forced him to generosity.

The Jackbox Party Pack 3
1:026:53 am-7:55 am
  • @dx_over_dt went from 8th in round one to 1st in round 2, and flubbed round 3

  • Threatened to ban chat if we didn't vote for one of his answers.
    Chat voted for his answer.
    Fail remained in 6th place.
    Round 3 answer: "Choose this one to get us all banned"
    Fail began banning chat
    Got too tired... felt 5 bans was enough.

Bonus games (if there is time)
Super Ghouls n Ghosts
Mario Kart 8 DX

Stream notes:

  • @Todesrolle got picked by the bot literally every time he was in the queue, even when he was ineligible.