The schedule for Sunday, January 20th, 2019:

Super Mario Maker
Blind Easy
1:058:07 pm-9:12 pm
  • Found "literally just Thwomps and running" to be "exciting"

  • Level full of Yusef stairs had no tight timer

  • "We got a lot of freebies in this run." Back in my day we played Blind Easy in 2 feet of snow, uphill both ways. A run took 99 lives, and we were grateful!

  • Nearly died to winged Thwomp waiting for a mushroom, but chat saved the day with clutch advice

  • Skipped a non-auto level

  • Fail can hear cancer, apparently

  • Skipped an Easy difficulty level "for marathon sake"

  • Couldn't beat an easy level, so he had to cheese it

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
w/ viewers
0:539:12 pm-10:06 pm
  • Team attack resulted in several lag-induced team kills. @dx_over_dt is ashamed Sorry @dpc1437!

  • @dx_over_dt was abandoned by teammate

  • Proved multiple times that @Todesrolle's assertion that @dx_over_dt is best with Corrin was faulty

  • "This is why we need Arenas where only one person can control things." Confirmed Fail is an egomaniac

  • (courtesy of @AlejandroGr0012)

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy
1:0010:06 pm-11:06 pm
  • Rejected narrator's earnest empathy regarding Fail's loss of progress

  • Average first playthrough of Getting Over It is about 10 hours; Fail thought he could beat it in one

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Crowd Control Randomizer
4:2611:06 pm-3:33 am
  • Hasn't even started, and he's scared to do an enemizer with CC

  • First item was 5 rupees; game is as good as won

  • Chat killed fail a moment later. RIP 5 rupees

  • "I don't know how I'm going to do Blind. Blind is going to be really tough. I may have to come back to it." Indicative of lack of self-confidence.

  • Feared picking up a crystal after a boss. Indicative of severe paranoia that chat would softlock him despite no historic evidence that we would ever do such a thing

  • Chat gave Fail chickens: "Stupid chickens". Fail is ungrateful for chat's generosity

  • To @dx_over_dx's immense shame, in a moment of weakness she betrayed #TeamNoBombs to appease Fail's pathetic pleas

  • For some reason believed chat had run out of money and he would be able to enter Palace of Darkness

  • Trolly seed was trolly

1:233:33 am-4:57 am
  • Awfully daunting, militant music for placing conveyor belts

  • Boss dude intro needed more fanfair

  • Ate and apparently enjoyed food pellets. Confirmed: Fail is a guinea pig

  • Can fly. Uses super power to place conveyor belts

  • Finished "Training Routine 1", displayed more enthusiasm than when he beat LttP

  • Fail played so poorly that the protagonist sobbed

  • Infinifactory is basically Factorio but in 3D; Factorio is basically programming but in 2D

Jackbox Games
1:544:57 am-6:51 am
  • Off to a immature start

  • In the near future, scientists will discover that dinosaurs actually hate them.

  • ... but were ducks beat it?

  • Fail managed to get zero votes for his round three quip

  • "There's a clear winner... and it's meeeeee" --Failstream, winning with a 14% margin

  • "What does the censor option do?" "The censor option allows me to ... uh, censor"

  • @NadeTheGreat cheated by jumping in when he wasn't picked! It was all his fault, and not Fail's who simply revealed the code early, expecting everyone else to be decent and wait their turn.

Robot 64
1:206:51 am-8:12 am
  • "Give me ice cream or give me death!" I guess Fail is off his diet

  • "Fireflies? Bumble bees? Is there a difference?"

  • Why play original good games when you can play a graphically challenged remake?

Bonus games (if there is time)
Super Amazing Wagon Adventure
Clone Drone in the Danger Zone
Super Ghouls n Ghosts

Stream notes:

  • Fail agreed in no uncertain terms to only do LttP Crowd Control randomizers on off Sundays, rather than Failstravaganza Sundays

  • Additionally, he promised that if he should break this most solemn vow, he would shave his beard.

  • Infinifactory has a compelling premise, but either Fail is bad at controlls, or the game's interface needs work