The schedule for Sunday, January 6th, 2019:

Super Mario Maker
Blind Easy
1:388:08 pm-9:46 pm
  • Cheesed level 3... blind

  • Fail confirmed that his success is all luck

  • Trusts his blind imagination over chat's directions

  • Mario, the Princess is in another castle

  • Failsbro exploded something

  • Can't even consistently jump one up and two right

  • Confirmed quitter: skipped a level

  • Revealed how easy it is to play blind easy: "Literally all I did was hold right and spam A and B"

  • Decided to eat into "a little" (i.e. 35 minutes, or more than 25% of the scheduled) Mario & Luigi time so he could find out that the Princess is in another castle

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time
1:379:46 pm-11:23 pm
  • Spent first three minutes sneezing

  • Doesn't want to voice Yoshi

  • Attempted to voice Yoshi; sounded pretentious

  • Doesn't know what a Blargg is

  • Has no problem using healing items but "it's a bunch of crap, man" when enemies heal themselves

  • Has a natural talent for rolling 1's when leveling up

  • Accidentally rolled a 4

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
2:0211:23 pm-1:26 am
  • @EnderofGames thinks that Smash Melee was not a great Smash game relative to the series

  • First battle in, and Fail is already making excuses

  • Blames character balance for personal failings

  • @dx_over_dt got destroyed in her first match, but doesn't blame the map because, unlike Fail, she takes responsibility for her shortcomings

  • @Todesrolle still hung up on being called out as a camper two weeks later

  • Fail talks about Fight Club

  • Chat loves @nobletofu more than Fail

  • Magnanimously switched to 2v2s so more people could play and not because he was tired of losing and wanted to mooch off a teammate's skill

  • Fail got 3v1'd. Just as planned.

  • During 3v1, @dpc1437 decided to friendly fire his teammates to make things "more fair"

  • Despite @dx_over_dt only being killed by teammate Fail, she went out of her way to avoid hitting Fail because she is a decent human being; led team to a victory

  • Smash Ultimate arena usability is trash

  • dest, the name of @gokugeto877's smash account, wanted very much to play 1v1--to the point of requesting such a match several times--with his smash account named dest; he was supposed to play 2v2, but the last two people in @gokugeto877's--whose smash account is named dest--group dropped out, and because it was the last match, @gokugeto877, whose smash account is still dest, got his wish... due to an accidental fast fall on Fail's part, @gokuget877, whose account is named dest, won the match

Pony Island
2:051:26 am-3:32 am
  • Took a while to get the game capture to update. Ignored @hycutype's suggestion that Fail restart Steam for each frame.

  • Anti-aliasing: or anti-ell-AYE-ess-ing according to Fail

  • Definitely another Rita Classicâ„¢

  • Level 2 beaten with 360 no scope

  • Could not find mouse

  • Crashed the game

  • "Insert your soul to continue" but Fail had no soul to insert

  • The positive feedback loop for completing mundane jumping tasks wasn't engaging enough for you

  • Fail capitulated to 1U@iF#r's demand that he accept him as master

  • "Give me THE PONY LASERS!!"

  • Cheated by hacking the game to get pony lasers

  • Struggles even with pony lasers

  • Tried to divide by 0

  • Pony got happier and graphics improved

  • Demons replaced with butterflies

  • Tutorial placed after already learning the game

  • Kept disturbing the pretty butterflies with exclamation points on them

  • Was unwilling to trade soul to get out of Filthy Peasant Mode

  • Thinks that "really really close" is good enough

  • Killed Jesus

  • Corrupted the game so that the graphics reverted

  • "I think the only way to beat this game is to cheat. You have to cheat." Confirmed: Fail sets a bad example for the children

  • Fail slept for centuries

  • Had instant message conversations while streaming... so unprofessional

  • Was unwilling to trade soul to upgrade to 4D

  • Changed sides and killed ponies

  • Made us read

  • The loading screen was well-programmed and loaded very quickly

  • Was unwilling to trade soul for graphics

  • Game trolls are 11/10 S+

  • Damned 93 souls to eternal torment just so that he could escape

  • Went wayyy over the allotted 45-60 minutes... RIP half of Phoenix Wright

Clone Drone in the Danger Zone
0:453:49 am-4:34 am
  • Ordered pizza over the phone. Confirmed: Fail has not heard of the internet

  • Refused to let chat choose toppings

  • Flat out shows us his cheating by changing what's allowed to be spawned in bronze tier

  • Attacked an ally spidertron5000; his treachery knows no bounds

  • Loses 5 drones in bronze; says "this is just a warm-up"

  • Was not good enough to beat bow2s in bronze

  • Kited enemies into saws, as he was not brave enough to fight them head on

Within A Deep Forest
1:234:34 am-5:58 am
  • "Celeste vs Marbles on Stream"

  • Village did not care about Fail

  • Abandoned stream for pizza

  • Infodump stream

  • Domino's called an hour after Fail ordered to tell him that an item he ordered was not available

  • Suddenly dinosaur! Nom'd

  • Has a hard time controlling one of his balls

  • "Getting Over It with a ball"

  • "Platforming without legs "

  • Suddenly cat thing! Nom'd

  • "The lava is NOT the answer"

  • Sacrificed so many lives just to prevent a little spider bot from getting home

  • Pizza break

  • @Todesrolle set goal to lose 110,231lbs

  • Struggles with minigame that @hycutype has confirmed is not actually really hard

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Episode 2: Turnabout Sisters
1:475:58 am-7:45 am
  • Mia is still hottttt

  • RIP Mia

  • Fail turns down perfectly good money to avoid streaming another 12 hours

  • Maya is a poor substitute for her sister, Mia

  • April "Jiggleboobs" May is a poor substitute for Mia

  • Fail hit on April "Jiggleboobs" May

  • Fail personally attacked the character of Prosecutor Edgeworth rather than arguing the facts

  • April "Jiggleboobs" May took the stand

  • April "Jiggleboobs" May's bra gave out when she got too flustered

  • April "Jiggleboobs" May called Fail out for being a LAWYER

  • Edgeworth attempted to pervert justice but Fail is too quick

  • Maya thinks Edgeworth is a cool laywer

Jackbox Party Packs 3, 4, and/or 5
QuipLash, Mad Verse City, more?
1:317:45 am-9:16 am
  • Fail tried to sway voters in his favor

  • All good and decent people refused to vote for pandering

  • Confirmed: Fail is not a good and decent person

  • Everything is a dick this time

  • A terrible thing to say while testing out a mattress: "Is this big enough for both me and Mom?"

  • "Everything is about dicks today, what the hell?"

  • Gross is not the same thing as funny, people

  • Fail googled "Tub Girl" on stream

  • @dx_over_dt didn't get to play Quiplash. It was the worst of all possible universes

  • "Don't count me out, there's still pity vote!"

  • CrashBattles didn't crash