The schedule for Sunday, December 23rd, 2018:

Super Mario Maker
Viewer Levels
1:588:10 pm-10:08 pm
  • @sady845 had a great troll level to kick off the stream

  • Saw a troll coming. Got hit by it anyway.

  • Decided to play numerous levels for more than 15 minutes. Confirmed: Fail has trouble with maintaining healthy boundaries.

  • Music level with a tight timer

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
1:0010:08 pm-11:08 pm
  • The Judge doesn't trust Fail.

  • Cinder Block was murdered by a blunt force object.

  • "Of course she returned [from Paris] the day before the murder. She had to come back to get murdered." Fail really doesn't understand how getting murdered works...

  • "Ob-fucking-jection, bitch!"

  • Mia is hotttt

  • Fail looks suspiciously like the Judge.

Clone Drone in the Danger Zone
0:4711:08 pm-11:55 pm
  • Blames "it just spawned behind me and shot me in the head" for his inadequate skill.

  • Trouble getting past level 1

  • Killed by one-legged Sword 1

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Crowd Control Randomizer
4:3111:55 pm-4:26 am
  • Rigged the rando so he could start with pegasus boots

  • Activated a Cuccos attack on himself

  • Broke Crowd Control "on accident".

  • Killed the stream 4 hours and 46 minutes in

  • @jaku is, as always, a god

  • Keeps losing bombs. He should really keep better track of them.

  • Keeps complaining that his controls are getting inverted. He really needs a new controller.

  • Beat chat's bees by luck. Got a blupee as a prize.

  • "Arrows did not materialize, but it's fine." It was not fine.

  • Elected to blow himself up rather than stoop to doing something the way it's meant to be done.

  • Ungrateful for bees we gifted him

  • "How many fairies do I have? All I have are bees. I have nothing but bees."

  • Chat pulled off a frame-perfect OHKO on Ganon

  • Died 7 times on Ganon

  • Softlocked after beating Ganon

  • Died 17 times on Ganon

  • Softlocked after beating Ganon

  • Died 3 times on Ganon

The Santa Clause 3 - The Escape Clause
0:334:33 am-5:07 am
  • "This game has physics"

  • "I'm actively making these people's Christmases worse by giving them coal. What a dick Santa."

  • "I don't know if I can handle anymore of this amazing, incredible game."

  • "Guy's there's more lore."

  • Considering running this game just to see if he can get it into the Awful Block at GDQ

  • "Screw all the cookies"... at least it's not bunnies anymore?

  • Spent 4 minutes more than scheduled

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Viewer battles
2:155:07 am-7:23 am
  • @jaku and @dx_over_dt had a Twitch bot code duel... pistols at dawn     

  • @dpc1437 hacked the queue

  • Fail discovered that lava kills you

  • Fail suicides at the beginning of every match to make things interesting

  • @todesrolle is a dirty camper

  • @dpc1437: "Team battle? No fucks given"

  • @TacoPete made a clutch comeback with Ridley against dpc's K. Rool after dealing with Failstream's Jigglypuff

  • Data suggests that Fail wins matches when teamed with dirty campers

  • Failstream: the only player who managed to be defeated twice in one match

Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator
1:267:23 am-8:49 am
  • Fail loves his own eyes

  • Fail announces he has a daughter: Amanda Stream-McStreamington

  • Amanda is twice the height of a corgi... so about 3 feet tall

  • Fail is objectively a worse father than Brian

  • Fail didn't raise Amanda well enough to get into college

  • Fail felt Mary up with his mouse while talking to her

  • Fail is really bad at talking about The Game

Within a Deep Forest
  • This game was definitely part of the original schedule and @Hycutype being a mod had nothing to do with it.

Bonus games (if there is time)
Jackbox Games

Stream notes:

  • Fail plans (or says he plans) on beating Phoenix Wright before the next Failstravaganza