The schedule for Sunday, November 25th, 2018:

Super Mario Maker
100-man Super Experts
0:518:15 pm-9:06 pm

RIP run

Clone Drone in the Danger Zone
1:039:06 pm-10:09 pm
  • So many clones

  • So many deaths

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time
1:5710:09 pm-12:06 am
  • Rough start...

  • Toad sounds a LOT like a suitcase

  • Toadiko has a bad Christopher Walkin impression

  • Mostly 1s for level-up bonuses

  • Fail's paranoia leads him to believe the "game is out to get him"

Mario Kart 8
1:0412:06 am-1:10 am
  • dpc > everyone

  • dpc with tilt controls > everyone

Hand Simulator
0:301:10 am-1:40 am
  • This is why we don't make jokes, EnfysNana

  • Completely wasted 5% of the stream

0:521:40 am-2:32 am
  • Action-packed segment compared to Hand Simlulator

Super Hexagon
0:272:32 am-2:59 am
  • "Game over" with just a hint of epilepsy

Super Smash Bros. Wii U
1:112:59 am-4:10 am
  • dx_over_dt came in first and second in the free-for-all games she played, then beat Fail 1:1

  • Nothing else of consequence

Super Mario 3D World
2:004:10 am-6:10 am
  • Fail a told bunny to "get fuckin' wrecked" for the second Failstravaganza in a row Is this going to be Failstravaganza tradition? Only time will tell.

  • Fail learned the difference between plates you can stand on and snake mouths on which you cannot

  • Fail relies on the pity suit of invulnerability and flight. Again.

  • Fail was weak-willed and succumbed to hunger, resulting in a break so long that Sakura beat FF7 before he finished

  • Any ol' body can ground pound. It takes someone of Fail's ... unique calibur to master the bottomless pit pound

Don't Shit Your Pants
0:156:10 am-6:25 am
  • Fail expects chat to "read"

  • Don't Shit Your Pants shit the bed

  • How low(brow) can you go?

Jackbox Party Pack 3
1:456:25 am-8:10 am
  • pander pander pander pander SEX JOKE SEX JOKE pander pander pander...

  • Edner saved the day with his drawing

Bonus games (if there is time)
0:298:10 am-8:39 am
  • Uses jetpack. Still dies.

  • Controls get inverted. PB's.

  • Fail can't appreciate the beauty of simple things, like a light show. Put on by trucks toting death lasers.

FTL: Faster than Light
Eufloria HD
More Jackbox!
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Emergency bonus game for release night!
0:508:39 am-9:29 am
  • Fail admits his chemical dependence on infinite lives

  • Fail actually believes he can beat the first couple levels tonight

  • Fail only beat two levels before giving up