The schedule for Sunday, September 1st, 2019:

Super Mario Maker 2
Viewer Levels
3:019:08 pm-12:09 am
  • "EnderofGames: First"
    "failsbeard @EnderofGames Not so much... dx_over_dt beat you, and you were 8th. " HECK NO I WASN'T YOU DUM BOT

  • First submission: WR of 35 minutes. Fail: "35 minutes? I'll give this a shot."

  • "I want to make a level with nice, short challenges that you can restart in. It'd be a nice break after making FF4" Well, if you put checkpoints in FF4...

  • Fail has a POW, pit to a on/off switch, and a path to a saw. In his confusion he walked into the saw... several times

  • Breaking from the Failstream Standard, the course was cleared with a World Record, at a BLAZING FAST 34 MINUTES! failsSuccess emote when?

  • "Sorry, I gotta skip your level. It has no checkpoints, no powers... I can't even download it and look at it in editor" sounds familiar

  • "I am good at puzzles. Ok, maybe I'm not good, but I can do them. I have done a puzzle before!"

  • "just somethin bout that stifness... i cant handle it" StickSoldier on the subject of liking room temperature pizza over cold pizza

  • "There is a command for the rules... I can't remember it off the top of my head"

Super Mario Maker 2
Blind Easy
0:3512:09 am-12:44 am
  • Fail got a math level, and proceeded to answer '3' to '1+1'. Several times.

  • Cheatstream once again rears his head, as Fail decides to do SMB3 1-1 by looking at the screen instead of using chat. He still fell into the tiny pit

  • Fail thinks he knows SMB3 1-1 blind better than level creators do feenNo

0:5612:44 am-1:41 am
  • Failstream, murdered of innocent damsels returns

  • Failstream brought the damsels dead body to the cave exit, was upset he didn't get his kiss for "saving her"

  • Fail changes damsel from blond chic into puggo. Suddenly Fail no longer kills damsel.

  • Fail attempts to bomb shopkeeper and his treasure guarding brother. Both start screaming "TERRORIST!" and begin shooting shotguns. Fail: "I think they might be mad at me. I don't know why."

  • Fail drops bomb on puggo. Fail sees the outcome of his work. In a tragic love story, Fail commits suicide.

  • "There is a run button? Why can't I find it?" Aren't there only like 8 buttons?

  • Gets shot by shopkeeper "See, I'm telling you, it's the money. The money keeps on killing me"

  • The shopkeeper keeps a jar of sticky white fluid behind him

Clone Drone in the Danger Zone
1:101:41 am-2:51 am
  • "All you guys spawn are enemies. You never spawn me allies" It's not because you got upset with us or anything

  • "Oh, Todes, you spawned me an ally? How nice of you" proceeds to cut ally in half vertically

  • "You know what this reminds me of? Smash TV, if Smash TV had robots. Wait, Smash TV does have robots... well, you know what I mean."

  • Fail loses to tier one enemy over and over. Strategy? Remove it from tier one

  • Fail: "Ok, that wasn't MrL killing me, that was the pillar" EnfysNana: "if you're dying to the pillar it doesnt make it better"

TLoZ: Mystery of Solarus XD
1:242:51 am-4:15 am
  • "What button do I press to pause the game" Forgot the start button

  • Fail mowed some dude's lawn three times before he realized the dude wasn't going to pay out

  • Found a cave. Got blown up by a creeper

  • Finds bomb bag. Leaves cave and finds cracked bricks. Can't think of how to get passed them, so he walks away

  • Finds lost and found. Game informs him to use pen and paper. Fails says "I can do this without pen and paper" Oh, Fail, that's just what they want you to think.

  • The worst part of this game is that the first dungeon is a fetch quest maze. The best part is I beat it, then a couple days later I convinced Fail to do it in front of 200 viewers.

  • A brief synopsis of this hack:

  • Fail gets a pepper. Game: "Use it to make a pizza". Ender: "That's a good idea!" I made myself a pizza

Various Games
1:004:15 am-5:16 am
  • Bot doesn't work dx why did you forsake us?

  • A weird thing to hear a ghost say: "I'll trade you perfume for the big key" Well played, Fail

  • All night, audience swayed the vote and prevented most quiplashes. However, players and audience teamed up for a super quiplash on Failstream, 100% to 0

Bonus games (if there is time)
Teamfight Tactics
with viewers (or ranked if no one wants to play)
0:385:16 am-5:54 am
  • While Fail played, we discussed the relationship of Autochess games with Moba games. I didn't pick any of the knowledge up, though

Stream notes:

  • dx_over_dt was out of town at PAX, so EnderofGames took over note-taking.