The schedule for Sunday, June 16th, 2019:

Super Mario Maker
0:597:53 pm-8:53 pm
  • Too many timers on screen!

  • Softlock of Shame'd.

  • Got a fire flower!

  • Found a new way to die: the skewer!

  • Playing great except for all the stupid mistakes.

  • Basically just an hour of sandbagging.

Cadence of Hyrule
1:548:55 pm-10:49 pm
  • The game has Navi

  • The game actually has fake Navi

  • Nintendo gave a third party rights to use their IP.

  • Played as Zelda.

  • Decided he was good enough not to use easy mode.

  • "Map! ... Map does not help."

  • Picked the Tower Shield instead of the Hook Shot.

  • Can't even use the shield because it's for Link.

  • Mispronounced "adjacent". WTF is "AGE-asent"?

  • Amazingly, pronounced "oboe" correct on first try.

  • "It's no secret that I have no rhythm." Playing game where the primary mechanic is rhythm.

  • Woke Tingle up.

  • Refused chat's generous offer to alert him when he doesn't notice a secret.

  • Refused to attack the shopkeeper.

  • Even the game says Fail only succeeded through luck.

  • Stabbin' dudes in the eye. That's just cold.

  • Attacked the shopkeeper. Surprised that he got angry.

Chat Selects Pizza Toppings
0:1110:49 pm-11:00 pm
  • Decide which toppings Fail puts on his pizza here!

  • Chat was merciful. Pineapple, pepperoni, and bacon.

Baba is You
2:0711:00 pm-1:08 am
  • Watched the intro.

  • Equivalence classes: the game.

  • Spent a good 10 minutes on what Fail described as "so easy".

  • Fail likes being a wall.

  • Spoiler is ban

1:511:08 am-2:59 am
  • So bad that he can't even render the game properly.

  • Couldn't figure out where to go in the tutorial.

  • Told Boggles that he didn't need his help, and now he doesn't know the moves.

  • Tried to jump into a portrait. This isn't Mario 64, Fail.

  • "Prefers" to think of Banjo and Kazooie as a single entity.

  • Game tells Fail that bears aren't allowed in an area. Continues to be a bear in the area.

  • Complains there's too much dialog. Doesn't read dialog. Doesn't know what to do.

  • Ancient is pronounced ankh-shent now?

  • Make a bird carry a giant-ass bear on his back.

  • Died in the over world.

  • Got 91 notes. Left the level without getting the last 9.

  • Didn't kill the bull.

  • Doesn't know the difference between bird shit and eggs.

  • Misgendered Kazooie.

  • Perfectly straight vine "did not look climbable".

  • Spent a good 10 minutes "exploring" the over world when there was exactly one place he could go.

  • "What country are you from, Failstream?" "I am from California."

  • Denied a shark a lovely snack.

  • "I want to jump in your mouth."

  • Decides to call music notes "coins" for some reason.

  • "There are a severe lack of coins in this level." Every level has exactly 100 music notes.

  • For a cape god, he's remarkably bad at flying.

  • Couldn't fly well enough. Resorted to climbing a pole.

  • Assumed Jinjo's gender.

  • Missed stomping a giant red X at point blank range.

  • Twice.

  • "I wish there was a faster way to move."

  • Four Five times.

  • Mocked a hippo for not being able to swim.

  • Decides not to get the notes.

  • Grunty called Fail dim. Fail didn't have the self respect to stand up for himself and just took it.

  • Got hit by a guy who dealt 2 damage. Decided to let him deal 2 more. Died.

  • Figured out that flying is faster than doggy paddling.

  • Killed some crabs a crab just because they were mutants.
    Died to others.

  • Let his sister's beauty get stolen by Grunty.

Egg is Broken. Heart is Too.
2:032:59 am-5:03 am
  • Chat: "You got this." He did not "got this".

  • Treats his unborn child like a soccer ball to be juggled.

  • "There's an art form to getting the egg to go where you want it to go." Fail is clearly not an artist.

  • Blamed the egg for going the wrong way.

  • Fail won't rest until the entire level is covered with red X's.

  • This happened.

  • "It was a little straighter than I thought." Assumed the egg's sexuality.

Bonus games (if there is time)
Super Amazing Wagon Adventure
Resident Evil 2
Extra modes
The Jackbox Party Pack 3
1:165:05 am-6:21 am
  • Mostly Only chicken puns.

  • "But I mean... fuck Karen, right?"

  • dx_over_dt did terrible. Stream is ruined.

BaBa is You
4:206:22 am-10:43 am
  • Complained that the level title didn't help him solve the puzzle.

  • Determined that puzzles are easy when you think about them.

  • Fail is blind