The schedule for Sunday, June 2nd, 2019:

Super Mario Maker
100-man Super Expert
1:166:51 pm-8:08 pm
  • Played SMM. Spent time talking about SMM2. Focus, Fail. Focus.

  • Admitted Koopas are hard.

  • Podoboo'd!

  • "We have a somewhat of a problem here. Oh, no, we don't have a problem." He had a problem.

  • Tried to go up a door when there was a pipe.

  • Played 100-man Super Expert. Complained that level quality was low.

  • Killed repetitive TTS. Thank you. Thank you so, so much.

  • Spent an hour and 10 minutes failing to finish a 100-man run.

Enter the Gungeon
1:548:08 pm-10:02 pm
  • Says that if he plays bonus games, they'll likely be Roguelike games because "[he] want[s] to stick to the theme." Bound by arbitrary constraints. Fail has freedom but stays in his cage.

  • Complained that there was only one person he got to kill in a room.

  • "What the hell are you?!" Not accepting of other people and cultures.

  • Plays Enter the Gungeon. Uses a crossbow.

  • Ran out of crossbow bolts. All is as it should be.

  • Kicks his enemies while they're already down and dying.

  • Killed a room full of enemies and only got "two stinkin' moneys".

  • Dived head first into pool of acid. Laments that he lost a single heart of health.

  • Doesn't recognize 4-star General Blobulord when he sees. I never know how uncultured Fail was. Everyone knows Blobulord.

  • Blobulord killed Fail, probably for insulting him.

  • Had one of the best items in the game. Didn't use it. Lost to easiest boss.

  • Trashcannon shoots liquefied Yoshi!

  • Had one half heart left. Purchased a key instead of health.

The Binding of Isaac
2:3610:02 pm-12:39 am
  • This game looks sad.

  • This game is gross. Just blood and poop. Everywhere.

  • Ended a run. By dropping a bomb without noticing.

  • I don't think I will ever use again.

  • This game legitimately makes me want to vomit. I'm not even kidding.

  • Complained that zombies come back to life.

  • Chat gave good advice. Fail misinterpreted. Claims he will never listen to chat again.

  • Died on last boss. Now we can finally leave this game forever.

1:2212:39 am-2:02 am
  • Oooh this game is so cute already!

  • Fail loves the whip.

  • Threw a rock at Kevin. Kevin retaliated. Brutally. But not unfairly. Fail died.

  • Attacked Kevin with a whip. Kevin retaliated. Brutally. But not unfairly. Fail died.

  • "I didn't mean to whip him." That's exactly what someone who didn't mean to whip him would say.

  • Whipped a lady and kidnapped her for no apparently reason.

  • Whipped her again when she tried to escape Fail's brutality.

  • Woman suffered from Stockholm Syndrome. Kissed Fail after being kidnapped.

  • And now the tutorial is over!

  • Bought a web gun!

  • "I owned myself." Who else would own you?

  • Bought a shotgun from Kevin. Immediately killed Kevin. "That's what he gets."

  • Upset that there was no damsel. He wants people to be in distress.

  • Sacrificed damsel on alter.

  • Fail convinced that the game is giving him "pity health". It isn't, but he clearly believes he needs it.

  • Killed a damsel. No kiss for fail.

  • Attacked a spider three times his own size. Confused that it killed him.

  • "This time I'm not going to whip you into submission." That's progress... I guess?

  • Would rather die than purchase mystery box.

  • Left a damsel behind.

Don't Starve Together
1:332:02 am-3:35 am
  • I missed the first 40 minutes, but my first impression of this game is that Fail died two nights in a row.

  • @EnderOfGames couldn't set Fail on fire.

  • Ate a mushroom. Died.

1-2 rounds of quiplash
0:493:35 am-4:25 am
  • You know the coffee shop barista is hitting on you when they ask, "Would you like from for ____?"
    I don't understand this prompt
    Quesadilla breath (safety quip)

  • A bad name for a holiday you make up to get out of work

  • Fail secured 8th place.

  • @dx_over_dt didn't get picked, so the games' results were nullified

Bonus games (if there is time)
Failstream's Choice
Whatever games I feel like playing :Kappa: