The schedule for Sunday, May 19th, 2019:

1:029:04 pm-10:06 pm
  • Ignored Twitch's Super Amazing Wagon Adventure category, instead marking his game Retro, because "I was gonna leave it on retro since it applies to most games "

  • @Thunder_Fist99 saved the first crew from being "a total sausage fest".

  • The dinosaur wagon broken an axle.

  • Even with the aid of pterodactyls, Fail couldn't kill 30 quail in 20 seconds.

  • @Thunder_Fist99, @notsubsanta_, and @jsonic1999 made terrible decisions.

  • @TMan_22_, @kraytul, and @TacoPete chose the cheater wagon.

  • Purchased the rainbow!

  • @kraytul and @TacoPete chose to fight a volcano with predictable results.

  • Called an airstrike to take out a single rabid squirrel.

  • "Stupid boulders"

  • @alecm88's plot to kill @charlemagneroi actually worked.

  • @Mrdirt765 soon followed.

  • @alecm88 was eaten by piranhas.

  • @Mrdirt765 blamed Fail's game play for his untimely demise.

  • @Tehtiny, @unknownavailability, and @MrSamMcSamface's indecision lengthened the Civil War by several years, resulting in much loss of life.

Super Smash TV
0:3610:10 pm-10:46 pm
  • Decided to play on Hard mode for his first time playing this game.

  • It turns out it was not his first time playing this game.

  • Turret died. It was the single greatest tragedy of 1999. Everyone around the world pressed F.

  • Won a toaster.

  • Won another toaster.

  • Died to Mutoid Man.

1:5010:46 pm-12:37 am
  • Either the game is not meant to be played for the first time on lunatic difficulty, or Fail is bad. Fail is bad.

  • "Well... it was a good run!" It was not a good run.

  • Fail has ammo that locks onto enemies. Still has trouble defeating enemies without homing ammo.

  • Couldn't beat lunatic difficulty. Decided normal was more his speed.

  • Fail doesn't care about the story. What's he going to say next? That the story in SMM isn't important?

  • Beat the first level without a continue. Whoopdi-freakin'-doo.

  • "This is a game about how long you can go without blinking. 'Cause the moment you blink, is the moment you freakin' die." Fail mistook a video game for weeping angels.

  • The lore in three words: "I don't know"

  • Fail learns that he should use bullet-erasing powers when there are lots of bullets on screen.

  • Journalism has never been more hardcore.

  • @Showsni: "Touhou jumped the shark when Reimu lost her flying turtle". Pretty sure that goes without saying.

  • Learned about his ability to use seasonal release. Didn't use it.

  • Had trouble with normal difficulty. Decided to try out lunatic again.

  • Fail complains that it's "impossible" to play Touhou and read chat a the same time. Basically admits he's a bad streamer.

  • Fail "thought he'd be awesome and just dodge through it." What would give him that idea?

  • This game is likely as close as Todesrolle is going to get for his AYAYA 10 hour challenge.

Enter The Gungeon
1:5112:37 am-2:29 am
  • Claims the choppiness that ALL of chat is experiencing is in our heads.

  • Tutorial gun is literally a pea shooter.

  • Refused to pause the stream so his best mod could take a couple hour nap.

  • Died while eating a banana.

  • "I'm probably good, right?" Words Fail should never think of saying.

Just Shapes and Beats
2:442:29 am-5:14 am
Bonus games (if there is time)
Hard mode
Geometry Wars 3
Binding of Isaac