The schedule for Sunday, May 5th, 2019:

Super Mario Maker
Chat makes a level: It will be trash
1:027:30 pm-8:33 pm
  • Starting off with @Kiavik level.

  • Giant winged Podaboo launcher'd!

  • Crushed by flying muncher stack.

  • Baby sound'd!

  • @Kiavik predicted it would take Fail to 10 minutes to complete the level. Fail only granted us 9 minutes, 47 seconds of entertainment.

  • SMB3 and SMW were tied. Fail chose not to murder a Yoshi.

  • Chat was very indecisive about which theme to use. Required a tie-breaker poll.

  • We've decided to create The One Level. Every element will included exactly once. This is going to be so horrible.

  • Main world will have no winged enemies. Subworld will have all winged enemies.

  • @Todesrolle tried to complicate things.

  • Bowser flying on Boo was scrapped. Bowser's fire was becoming "a problem".

  • Fail blames chat for his shitty level design.

  • It took 3 minutes for Fail to listen to @dx_over_dt's obvious suggestion.

  • Fail was too slow at finishing the level.
    Monday stream confirmed!

The Jackbox Party Pack 5
Patently Stupid
1:038:33 pm-9:37 pm
  • Patently Stupid doesn't have nearly enough chat interaction.

  • "I'm never too tired to fail." --Failstream, 2019

  • Failstream won somehow.

  • Pretty sure the !mp bot is rigged. Whoever made that apparently doesn't like @dx_over_dt.

  • @Todesrolle rigged the queue. He probably made the bot.

  • Problem: Failstream always makes me cry!
    @3DRadio's Pitch: Watch someone else.
    Image: Clicking on GrandPooBear.
    Tagline: Don't cry, bye

  • The game completely ignores chat's voice in picking the problem to solve.

  • Problem: I have to get up in the middle of the night to drink coffee.
    @Failstream's Pitch: Hammer
    Image: Hammer
    Tagline: Apply to head to get relaxing, restful, calm sleep.

1:279:37 pm-11:04 pm
  • Succeeded in killing enough people to continue onto the next stage. Felt he did not kill enough people and improved his machine of death.

  • I'm pretty sure Fail is the bad guy in this game.

  • Spent a great deal of time blowing his contraption up, rather than his beautiful, serene target. Taking one for the team. I like it.

  • "I've got this. ... Nothing ever works."

  • "There's not enough tutorials." failsHandhold when?

  • Ballon/Rocket bomb-delivery system.

  • Flying machine worked! Just facing the wrong way.

2:2611:04 pm-1:31 am
  • Two hours of tutorials coming up.

  • In Fail's world, the grass is always redder on the other side.

  • Fail does a tutorial. Ignores what the tutorial is telling him what to do.

  • "Even with all the best tools, if you're not good at art, you will suck at art."

  • Clearly has no idea how large a lawnmower is compared to a shed.

  • Trying to impress Connie the Cone with an advanced puppet. I can't make this shit up.

  • "That's how aliens dab."

  • Connie loves fail's creation. Connie has low standards.

Roller Coaster Tycoon 2
1:181:31 am-2:50 am
  • "The game was actually working fine yesterday." Uh huh. We believe you.

  • Can't figure out how to exit game. "I'm about ready to quit this game."

  • The iced tea is free!
    Using the restroom is $8.

  • @dx_over_dt is on staff.

  • "Maybe $8 is too much to charge for the restroom."

0:182:50 am-3:09 am
  • Couldn't tell that Fail drew a wine glass, but all of its guesses made more sense than a wine glass.

  • Had no idea what a toaster was. Neither did we.

  • The pool started out promising. For a second or two.

  • Dumbbell, scewdriver, and crown were guessed inside of 5 seconds apiece.

  • Fail likes this game because the computer is good at making him win.

Lunar Magic
New Level
2:243:09 am-5:34 am
  • Fail is failing to fail at making a decent water level.

  • Fail's failing to fail is making my job difficult.

  • Fail unfortunately carried his aesthetic sense from SMM into Lunar Magic. Walls up against walls are ugly, Fail.

Bonus games (if there is time)
Ultimate Chicken Horse
Against Viewers
Smash Stage Building/Playing
0:115:35 am-5:47 am
Mega Man Maker
Egg is Borken, Heart Is Too
Poly Bridge
Million Dollar Bridge