The schedule for Sunday, March 24th, 2019:

Super Mario Maker
Blind Easy
1:007:18 pm-8:19 pm
  • Fail had new notifications. No one left any comments on his levels.

  • Died once on the first level.

  • "Every time I win, it's because of me. Every time I lose, it's because of you guys." Megalomania, anyone?

  • Died on auto level.

  • Skipped the dev exit.

  • Runs and spams jump to victory. Pretends that requires skill.

  • Chat: "Jump left."
    Fail: "I'm just going to run right."

  • @SarahTheRed trolls Fail. Fail god-gamers to victory.

  • Mario, it's terrible! Peach is in another castle.

  • Starts another Blind Easy. Quits on the first level.

  • Fail gets hostile with chat.

  • Gets 1-up. Immediately dies.

  • Couldn't even beat a single Normal level.

2:068:19 pm-10:25 pm
  • Completely forgets the core mechanic of the game on the first puzzle.

  • Chose the only color that would kill him.

  • Lasered.

  • @EnderOfGames got the Jackpot of 20 s!

2:4710:25 pm-1:13 am
  • Real life happened, and dx had to step away. I suspect Fail failed on all levels though.

  • Confirmed: Fail neither used the allotted 3 hours, nor did he finish the game. Only conclusion: he gave up.

Clone Drone in the Danger Zone
1:001:13 am-2:13 am
  • Didn't take in the battlefield. Stepped into lava.

  • "That was just embarrassing." Does the same thing again.

  • Killed a bot with over it's head. Fail is truly heartless.

  • @dx_over_dt was the true winner, earning 2.4 million coins upon fail's death.

1:042:13 am-3:18 am
  • As depressing as ever. Comical, but depressing too.

  • Fail was "Teacher's SPECIAL LITTLE rat".

1:093:18 am-4:27 am
  • Continues to sacrifice his/her life for fruit.

  • Accidentally found secret. Died.

  • Fail's pragmatic other half ruined a perfectly nice gondola ride.

4:044:27 am-8:31 am
  • And NOW. For the maaaaiiinnn event. Let's get ready to PUZZLLLEEEE!

  • Complains when puzzle is hard.

  • "I've almost got it." He did not.

  • Decided to write down the rules he knew. Wrote one.

  • Marooned on an island with no people on it, and complains that some of the paths in the tree house are broken.

  • Fail makes audible commands of inanimate objects. They did not respond.

  • Fail doesn't know what the triangles mean.

  • Fail forgets that most sacred, unspoken rule: Puzzles are easier to see if you look at them.

  • Fail sounds stuck.

  • Fail appreciated the sub bombs during the audio section!

  • Fail got salty for some baffling reason after the section widely accepted as the worst section of the game.

Bonus games (if there is time)
$1,000,000 bridge