Fail's 12-Hour Stream

Here's the schedule for Fail's 12-hour stream on Sunday, October 14.

Strawpolls will be taken just prior to the game being played to maximize the number of people who can participate.

GameSystemNumber of playersEst. LengthTime (PDT)Notes
Super Mario Maker - Blind Easy Wii U Chat Participation 47 minutes 12:11-12:58
  • Failed to die 76 more times
Super Mario Maker - Cheeky Cape Wii U Single player 2 minutes 12:58-1:00
  • Failed to die even once
Mario Kart 8 Wii U or Switch (Strawpoll) Fail + 11 players per round 96 minutes 1:00-2:36
  • frankie9_9 timed out for 2 minutes several times for caps, then for an hour
  • Fail came in second once and claimed it was good enough for a crown. It wasn't.
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney OR
Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time (Strawpoll)
Nintendo DS Single player 101 minutes 2:36-4:17
  • Fail's voice acting spot on 10/10 Rank S+
  • Mario hates Luigi, RIP Luigi
  • Level Up RNG resulted in multiple 1s
Super Smash Bros for Wii U Wii U Fail + 1 player 3 players (sigh) per round 68 minutes 4:24-5:32
  • Fail never came in first
  • More importantly, dx_over_dt never came in first
  • Nintendo servers failed in the middle of the last round
Doom (1993) PC Single player 52 minutes 5:32-6:24
  • Turns out Doom isn't actually 3D
  • Fail died 7 times
  • Fail was told he's at 48 minutes of 45 scheduled and said "So we've got a little more time"
Worms Armageddon PC Fail + 5 players per round 89 minutes 6:24-7:53
  • Found out EnfysNana is Rita
  • Fail went try-hard mode and made the game boring by winning round 1
  • Fail lost rounds 2 and 3
  • Superunknown's internet died right before he could join
  • Fail got teabagged by Donald Trump
  • Round 3 resulted in a draw
Super Mario 3D World Wii U Single player 82 minutes 7:53-9:15
  • James found out his Switch is useless because it can't play this game
  • Fail told a bunny to "get fucked"
  • Fail died so much he got the tanuki pity suit
Chess INSANITY PC Fail + 1 player per game 69 minutes 9:15-10:24
  • Fail captured every piece and still lost (anti-chess)
  • Queen suicided into bishop to take out king behind it (atomic chess)
Super Amazing Wagon Adventure PC Single player 45 minutes 10:24-11:09
  • Turns out this game is Oregon Trail minus everything boring... it's mostly just guns.
  • Everybody died!
Jackbox Party Pack PC Fail + 3-7 players + Chat participation 81 minutes 11:09-12:30ish
  • Fail had to Safety answer twice.
Bonus games (if there is time)
Super Mario Maker - Skipwars Wii U Chat participation 30 - 90 minutes -  
Mario Kart 8 (Bonus round) Wii U or Switch (Strawpoll) Fail + 11 players per round 45 - 60 minutes - 
Golf with Friends PC Fail + 11 players 30 - 60 minutes -  
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island Super NT Single player 60 - 120 minutes -  

Stream notes:

  • Marbles never loaded
  • Will likely finish Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time
  • Will likely come back to Super Mario 3D World

I'm not feeling great today and am off my game, so for the sake of my ego, let's pretend that I made some funny quips, a 36-hours reference, maybe a jab at Ender--you know, the usual.

Fail plans on streaming for 12 hours next Sunday, October 14th! He wants chat's input on which games to play. Now's your chance to make him play all those games you suggested, he promised he would play, and then never did because he's .

How to submit game suggestions

First check to see that your game has not already been submitted to save your hard-working, dedicated mods (and Ender) some headaches. If your game hasn't been submitted, fill out this form.

Once you've submitted the form, your game should appear in the #game-votes Discord channel. (If it doesn't, be sure to ping me in Discord.)

How games will be chosen

Vote for games that you want to see played by adding your failsRigged reaction to the entry. The games with the most votes at the end of Saturday night's stream are the most likely to be played on Sunday.

If you see a multiplayer game that you'd be interested in playing with him, add a failsMini reaction, too.

Fail will have ultimate veto power on suggested games. That said, everyone knows FailGov is a benevolent dictatorship. And let's be honest, when has he ever denied a chat's overwhelming majority?

How players will be selected for multiplayer

We're not sure yet.

If I (dx_over_dt) and/or other developers in chat have time before Sunday, it might be a sophisticated system with some shiny algorithms and a fabulous UI/website.

If not (and this is the more likely case), it will involve some random picks that are totally not rigged in favor of mods. And hey, just because I happen to get picked for every game, there's no way to prove that it wasn't by random chance. (I mean, unless you took statistics or something.)

Fail can play games on the following platforms:
  • Windows/Steam
  • NES, SNES/Super Everdrive, N64, Wii/Wii U, Switch
  • PS1/PS2, PS3, PS4
  • Xbox 360 (may actually be broken)
  • Totally legal emulators and even more totally and completely legal ROMs
Game Submission Guidelines
  • He's looking for a variety, both single player games and multiplayer games he can play with members of chat.‚Äč
  • Not Fortnite.
  • He plans to play the selected games for between 30 minutes and 2 hours, so keep that in mind when suggesting games. If you want an idea of how long a game takes, check out

    This guideline doesn't mean he won't play games that he can't beat in that amount of time, but they should have shallow learning curves--very shallow learning curves --and be enjoyable to both watch and play in that amount of time.

    It's also possible he may do this again (this is a bit of a test run), and your 20-hour game (that, let's be honest, would take Fail 36 hours to beat) may be picked back up in later streams.

  • Fail plays a lot of Mario and Zelda hacks and will continue to do so, so for single-player games try to pick games he likely wouldn't play otherwise.
    A note about submitting Super Mario Maker...
    You may submit Mario Maker, but you must be specific about what to play. For example, Skipwars is an option.
  • Not Fortnite.
  • Fail's not rich, so for games he's not likely to already own (or can't find a totally legal ROM for), AAA/expensive titles may have a harder time getting selected.
  • For multiplayer games, choose games that lots of viewers are likely to have and which either have very short matches (e.g. Super Smash Bros) or support lots of players at once (e.g. Mario Kart 8) so lots of us can join in the fun.
  • Not Fortnite.
  • Not Fortnite.
  • This should go without saying, but nothing that would violate Twitch's TOS. We may all be !lesbians for science, but Twitch won't accept our science boobs on screen.
  • Oh! I nearly forgot... not Fortnite.